Hotel Korpikartano Saunas

In Hotel Korpikartano you can try one of our traditional Finnish saunas. You can also book sauna for your group. You can choose between our electric heated and wood heated sauna. Summer time you can go from sauna for a swim in Menesjärvi lake.

Electric heated sauna is for guests free use when booking accommodation in Hotel Korpikartano. Both accommodation buildings have electric heated sauna.  You can book one hour private sauna time in advance or on the spot. Each sauna has a list on the door where you can make a reservation with your room number. Both saunas are walking distance from Menesjärvi lake where you can go swimming in summer time. Winter time you can try rolling in the snow like a true Finn. 8-10 persons fit inside the sauna at the same time.

Wood heated sauna is by the Menesjärvi lake beach. You can also book hot tub with the wood heated sauna. Both of them can be booked in advance  for you group or private event. Wood heated sauna and hot tub is separate from the other hotel buildings and therefore perfect for private events. Wood heated sauna and hot tub can fit 8 persons at the same time.

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