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Feel the nature and experience the silence

Welcome to Hotel Korpikartano!

Hotel Korpikartano is open everyday and you can book accommodation and dinner when making reservation in advance. Restaurant is open only for our guests. You are warmly welcome!

At Hotel Korpikartano you can experience the beauty of nature in quiet and cosy accommodation. Hotel Korpikartano provides accommodation with view of stunning Lapland nature and Menesjärvi lake year round in Inari. 

Hotel Korpikartano is located in Menesjärvi, a small Sámi village on Lake Menesjärvi. The bigger village of Inari, known as the centre of Finnish Sami culture is just a 30-minute drive away. Until 2005 Korpikartano served as a Sami village school for children in the surrounding areas and in 2009 it opened its doors to guests.

Hotel Korpikartano is near by of Lemmenjoki National Park, Finland’s largest national park. Hotel Korpikartano’s is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. Aurora season is long in Menesjärvi and Inari and Hotel Korpikartano is famous among aurora hunters.

Welcome to the luxury of nature and silence!

Hotel Korpikartano offers cosy rooms in two separate accommodation buildings. Studio rooms have a small kitchen area and all rooms have ensuite shower and toilet. There are 28 rooms, so you can choose accommodation according to your wishes. Breakfast and evening sauna are included in the room rate.

Korpikartano main building


Local food in Hotel Korpikartano

The menus are based on Lappish, Finnish and Karelian cuisine. We use local products as much as possible including reindeer, elk, salmon, whitefish, pike, mushrooms and berries.

Finnish breakfast

Breakfast is included in accommodation. In Hotel Korpikartano we serve traditional Finnish breakfast. Come and try our porridge which is changing each day.  We guarantee you will not go hungry!

Half board dinner

You can book accommodation including half board dinner. Menu of Lappish and Finnish cuisine is changing daily. Come and try  local food in Hotel Korpikartano.


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