Cloudberry – artic gold

Cloudberry is a big golden-yellow berry. It has in Finnish language several names – hilla, lakka, suomuurain – depending on the region. Typically cloudberry grows on swamp areas which are hard to reach and full of mosquitos. That’s why, the price per kilo stays quite high. Crop starts to get ripen at the end of July or beginning of August making it the first berry to be ready for the berry pickers. However, crop varies from year to year, especially here in Lapland, since there can still be some night-frosts at the time of blooming.

Cloudberries ready to get picked up!

Cloudberries ready to get picked up!

Cloudberry is very rich in vitamin C. You only need to eat one deciliter of cloudberry to get the daily requirement. Cloudberries are their best when eaten fresh but jam, juices, candies are made from cloudberries; very traditional dish is to serve cloudberries with Lappish cheese. As well as seed oil is used in cosmetic products. Come to visit Hotel Korpikartano and take your chance topick up your own berries! They are delicious!

Cloudberries on the swamp area. Plant itself is easy to find but ripen berries can be more tricky to find.


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