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We are a team of  fully trained nature and wilderness guides, chefs, housekeepers ready to welcome you and make your stay unforgettable!

We believe in nature, local culture and local way of living which are our strengths with silence and good friendly service. We take daily small steps for more environmentally friendly service and sustainability. We also believe in suitable combination of activities and time for peaceful relaxation.

We, who work in Korpikartano are colleagues sharing these values and nature interest. Most of us have a background in travel business profession, like wilderness guidance, food making, hotel management etc. but some of us have also local skills like reindeer herding, forestry, fishing etc.

We might not be the premium quality destination but Korpikartano surely can offer time, nice activities, good stories and luxury of silence.


Korpikartano was originally built in 1954 as the Menesjärvi Sami village school. When the school was built in the “downtown” of Menesjärvi village there was no road or electricity in the school during the first years. The dormitory was built for children from distance villages to live during the school year. At most there were even about 40 children in two class rooms. The last school years children were coming to school with school taxi. When the school was closed in 2005, the school taxi started to take children to the bigger school in Inari.

Hotel Korpikartano has received funds from European Regional Development Fund ( EU) for electronic commerce development 2014-2015

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Meneskartanontie 71, FI-99870 Inari, LAPLAND, FINLAND
+358 40 777 4339, korpikartano@korpikartano.fi

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