Menesjärvi is situated in Inari municipality and about 33 kilometres from Inari village centre and 80 kilometers from Ivalo Airport. Lemmenjoki National Park is near and is the largest in Finland and together with Norwegian sister park largest in Europe. Also Muotka and Hammastunturi wilderness areas are close by.

Inari village is the centre of Sami culture in Finland and a local cultural centre. Ivalo is the administrative and shopping centre. Lake Inari is the third largest lake in Finland.

Saariselkä and Levi (Kittilä) are closest holiday resorts with downhill skiing possibility. Rovaniemi and Arctic Circle is ca. 360 km down south and North Cape is ca. 360 km more north.

Inari municipality is the biggest one Finland with population of 6800 residents of which 4000 are living in Ivalo. The population of Inari village, second biggest village, is 1100 inhabitants and in Menesjärvi village there are 17 houses and ca. 40 persons living year round.


Helsinki 1140km
Levi 160km
Oulu 530km
Saariselkä 100km
Rovaniemi & Artic Circle 360km

North Cape 360km
Nuorgam 200km
Utsjoki 155km

Distances are estimations.


We do transfers and have our own cars up to 16 guests, for bigger groups we use our partners. Unfortunately there is no public transportation to Korpikartano.

Public buses come until Inari village centre from south and from north. Check timetables, rates and tickets on travel service website of Matkahuolto.

Ivalo Airport is the closest airport as well as the most northern airport. Other possible airports are Rovaniemi and Kittilä Airports. Closest railway station is in Rovaniemi. Timetables and rates you can see online, Finnish Railway website (VR). Sometimes guests want to combine Norway and use HurtigrutenNorwegian coastal voyage ending in Kirkenes, Norway or Kirnenes Airport.


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