Blueberry – secret in the color

Lappish forests are full of berries. However, the crop is very late this year since it has been exceptional cold summer. Hotel Korpikartano area is ideal for berry picking and we also arrange berry picking trips. Berry picking is Everyman’s right in Finland. Blueberry crop starts to ripen in these days and we have already found couple of very juicy berry branches. Blueberry is very healthy with flavonoids, anthocyanin, fiber and vitamins C & E. It researched that especially anthocyanin (makes the blue color) have health benefits.  Wild blueberry has more the anthocyanin than cultivated one. 100g berries a dayhelps you to stay healthy. You want to know more, come and pick the berries yourself!

You can make several products from blueberry. Our favorite, is our chef’s special blueberry pie. What is yours?


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