General reservation conditions


After reserving/confirming the service the customer will receive a written confirmation of the service from Hotel Korpikartano usually by e-mail if not received it before and an invoice. The confirmation payment must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice. If the customer has not paid the invoice by due date Hotel Korpikartano has the right to cancel the booking.

Reservation is confirmed, when the customer has paid the deposit of 30% of the value of the reservation or a deposit as agreed separately by the due date. The final payment of the invoice has to be paid and received and payment confirmed by Hotel Korpikartano latest by 31 days prior the service concerned unless otherwise indicated in the invoice or agreed separately. If the arrival date is very close the full payment will be invoiced immediately.


Cancellations should ALWAYS be made in written (or by phone in a case of force majeure) to Hotel Korpikartano. The cancellation shall be regarded as being made when the information relevant to cancellation has been received by Hotel Korpikartano staff who will also confirm the cancellation accordingly.

If the customer cancels the reservation confirmed by both sides earlier than 31 days the service concerned (Christmas-New Year season, February-March and September earlier than 61 days), 70 euros can be charged as a service fee. If a customer cancels the reservation 30-15 days before the service (Christmas-New Year season, February-March and September 60-30 days earlier), Hotel Korpikartano may charge 50%. If a customer cancels the reservation later than 14 days (Christmas-New Year season, February-March and September 29-1 days earlier) from the beginning of the reservation, we may charge the entire value of the reservation.

If the reservation is cancelled because of the customers or one of the members of the same group’s sudden serious sickness, accident or death, the reservation fee will be returned, except for 70 Euros service fee. The above should be proven by reliable means (i.e. doctor’s certificate etc.). The prove must be delivered to Hotel Korpikartano in 14 days from the cancellation.  Cancellation should be informed without delay. Should cancellation occur during the period of the service no refund of money paid by the customer shall be made. Should the customer change holiday spot or time, this will be treated as cancellation and new reservation.


In case of any unforeseeable course of events (force majeure) Hotel Korpikartano has the right to cancel the reservation. In such case Hotel Korpikartano will attempt to offer a similar service to the one reserved. If the new service arranged by Hotel Korpikartano is not accepted by the client, the customer has the right to claim back the payment in written from Hotel Korpikartano who will handle the claim accordingly.


Hotel Korpikartano should be informed about all remarks and complaints concerning the services and the facilities by e-mail (24 h phone +358-(0)40 777 4339).


We can charge also credit card (Visa, Master) in distance but then we need name of credit card holder, card number, expire date, 3 digit safety number from back side; do NOT send that together with other info, you can send it/all as separate sms together with your name to our hotel mobile +358 40 7774339 or as (scanned) e-mail pdf-document.


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