Aurora lounge

The Aurora Lounge is situated in the Hotel Korpikartano main building. Lounge is perfect place to sit down for a minute when waiting for the northern lights or just for relaxing.

Coffee and tea station is open round the clock for our guests. There is instant coffee and different kind of teas. Milk fridge is making sure that milk is always cold and fresh. You can find coffee and tea station from other accommodation building also. On a cold day you can ask staff to make fire on aurora lounge fireplace.

Take you own book with you or borrow from Hotelli Korpikartano library. While relaxing in aurora lounge feel free to write us feedback on our guestbook or fill up a customer survey. The only tv in hotel an be found in aurora lounge but we recommend enjoying the nature or company of the other guests instead.

Recycling point for paper and recyclable cans and bottles can be found in Aurora lounge. Also other accommodation building has a recycling point.

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