Aurora / Midnight sun hut

There is a Lappish hut “kota” by the lake Menesjärvi shoreline. When booking accommodation you have a free use of this cosy hut. During winter you can warm up by the open fire while waiting for the northern lights and summer time just relax and enjoy the silence and beautiful scenery of Menesjärvi lake  Lemmenjoki national park.

There is always firewood ready waiting for you and if you have trouble lighting the fire don’t hesitate to ask help from our staff. With the grill in the hut you can heat up a sausage for example which you can buy from our restaurant. We are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks everywhere at the hotel premises so you can get a drink from restaurant and enjoy it in Aurora hut.

Remember to make sure that the fire has died completely when you are the last one leaving the hut.

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