Hiking at Lemmenjoki National Park

Book hiking trip to Lemmenjoki National Park from Hotel Korpikartano. Possibility to visit the park information centre. You can choose from 2 trails: Lemmenjoki Nature Trail 4,5 km or Joenkielinen Circle Trail 18 km. Transfer from Hotel Korpikartano to Lemmenjoki National Park, independent hiking on well marked trails and transfer back.

Lemmenjoki Nature Trail 4,5 km: starts at Njurgulahti and follows the course of Lemmenjoki River. In the beginning of the trail, there are old pitfalls for the Wild Forest Reindeer and esker formations. After a couple of kilometres, the trail turns east, and winds along in the hillocky pine forests back to its starting point. Campfire place and information boards.

Joenkielinen Circle Trail 18 km: The trail starts at Njurgulahti towards Joenkielinen Fell, where on the top you get great scenery over Lemmenjoki National Park and Hammastunturi wilderness area. Back to Njurkulahti the trail goes along the course of Lemmenjoki River. Four campfire sites and a Lapp pole tent along the trail.

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Transfer price 35 € / person / one way, min. 2 persons
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