Electric heated Sauna

Hotel Korpikartano has two separate electrically heated saunas where you can have a relaxing sauna experience. When you book accommodation from Hotel Korpikartano you get one hour private sauna time each day. Both accommodation buildings have sauna. Book sauna in advance or on the spot. Each sauna has a list on the door where you can make a booking with your room number.

Hotel Korpikartano is located by Menesjärvi lake and summer time you can go swimming in clean and drinkable lake water. By the lake there is a dock and stairs for getting easily into the water. Winter time you can just go outside to cool down or if you are brave enough to roll in the snow.

Both saunas have showers and dressing room. 8-10 persons fit inside at the same time. Saunas are equipped with shampoo, conditioner, soap and seat covers. Take a towel from your room and rent a bathrobe from us.

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Meneskartanontie 71, FI-99870 Inari, LAPLAND, FINLAND
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