Traditional wood heated sauna & hot tub

By the lake shore we have a traditional wood heated log wood sauna and hot tub by request.

Hotel Korpikartano has a traditional wood heated sauna by the lake Menesjärvi. You can book the sauna in advance. Wood heated sauna is apart from the other Hotel buildings and you can enjoy the silence of Menesjärvi lake and view over Lemmenjoki national park in peace. Dock from the sauna is also private and easy way to get into water. Sauna has room for 6-8 persons at the same time.

Next to wood heated sauna is a hot tub which can be also booked in advance. You can book sauna and hot tub together. Diving into hot water in the middle of winter is worth experiencing. Hot tub has room for 6-8 persons.

Sauna building has a separate dressing room and parlour with fire place. You can order snacks from restaurant and sauna building is part of the hotel alcohol licensed area. Sauna is equipped with seat covers, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Towels can be booked separately or can be taken from room. You can also rent bathrobe. Traditional wood heated sauna doesn’t have a shower. You will wash yourself like a true finn mixing your own shower water and using just bucket and scoop.

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Price 200 € / 3 hrs (& hot tub 300 €), 40 € / extra hour
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