8 seasons: winter

It is said that in Lapland there are 8 seasons all together, because the changing of seasons is so dramatic and distinct from each other. The rhythm of life of the Sámi, “a people of eight seasons”, has been based on the yearly cycle in nature so the year always starts here from the spring when nature awakens again after a long winter. In addition to springsummerautumn and winter, we have also spring-summer (early summer), summer-autumn (late summer), autumn-winter (early winter) and spring-winter (late winter). Now we are in the middle of frosty winter time. The polar night has just ended and we are moving towards spring. The days are still cold with only a little of sun.

Find more info by visiting Siida – Sami Museum and Nature centre.


Blueberry secret in the color

Lappish forests are full of berries. However, the crop is very late this year since it has been exceptional cold summer. Hotel Korpikartano area is ideal for berry picking and we also arrange berry picking trips. Berry picking is Everyman’s right in Finland. Blueberry crop starts to ripen in these days and we have already found couple of very juicy berry branches. Blueberry is very healthy with flavonoids, anthocyanin, fiber and vitamins C & E. It researched that especially anthocyanin (makes the blue color) have health benefits.  Wild blueberry has more the anthocyanin than cultivated one. 100g berries a dayhelps you to stay healthy. You want to know more, come and pick the berries yourself!

You can make several products from blueberry. Our favorite, is our chef’s special blueberry pie. What is yours?

Lemmenjoki, worth visit

Menesjärvi village is a small reindeer herding village with around 45 habitants.Hotel Korpikartano is a former school which makes it the central point of the village. From Hotel Korpikartano there is only a short drive to the neighbor village Lemmenjoki. Lemmenjoki provides different kind of activities andservices from hiking to gold panning and river boat trips with culture and history. At the moment there is going on Inari weeks with all kind of happenings in the whole Inari area. For example, there is a Lemmenjoki National park dayof nature and culture, gold panning competition in Lemmenjoki and in the evening traditional dance is taking place. Definitely recommended!

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