Cross country skiing

Guided cross country skiing is great way to learn the secret of this sport close to the hearts of Finnish people. Skiing is a nature friendly and ecological way of exploring the surrounding nature of Menesjärvi village an Hotel korpikartano. Enjoy the silence and hear the sound of the snow and crispy winter day.

First you will be skiing with our professional guide who is telling you what to do and where you can go with the skis. After the tour you have free use of the skiing equipment and you can practice wen ever you want.

Hotel Korpikartano has two cross country ski tracks one in the forest and one on the lake. With our skis you can also just follow the snowmobile tracks and explore the area beyond the ski tracks.

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Price 75 € / person, when min. 2 persons
Price includes English guidance, ski equipment
Duration 1-1,5 hours


Meneskartanontie 71, FI-99870 Inari, LAPLAND, FINLAND
+358 40 777 4339,

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