Inari village, Siida & Lake Inari cruise

Transfer to Inari village. Visit to Siida – Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre on your own. Coffee or lunch at Sarrit, Siida on your own.

At 13:00 Lake Inari cruise, a beautiful wilderness lake with 3.318 islands and you will visit one, the famous island “Ukko” (Äijih), an ancient sacrificial site of the Inari Sámis. Duration 2 hrs.

Some free time for Inari Artisan Trail; Inari Silversmith, Sami Duodji, Näkkäläjärvi souvenirs, Samekki. Transfer back.

The exhibitions of Siida – Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre will show how nature and people have adapted to extreme conditions of the Northern environment. Wonderful photos, videos, dioramas, soundcapes and original artefacts guide you between the seasons and back through past times. Outside museum open in the summer time.



Price 90 € / person, min. 2 persons (70 € without cruise)
Price includes transfers, Siida entrance, cruise, map of village
Duration 3-4 hours
Optional English Siida guidance 1 h 15 min. 95 €


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